[Dovecot] how to limit size of dovecot.log

Aaron C Johnson acjohnson at pcdomain.com
Fri Apr 29 03:31:46 EEST 2011

I've done some searching and maybe I'm missing something... I have a 
remote dovecot and postfix server running on debian 5. I then have a 
local fetchmail server that retrieves email from the dovecot server via 
pop3s every 5 minutes.

The problem is that the /var/log/dovecot.log file has grown to be over 
1.1GiB over a period of less than 1 year.

Is there a way to limit the size of the dovecot.log file, or do I have 
to run a monthly cron job or something to take care of it for me?

Thank you,
Aaron Johnson

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