[Dovecot] Dovecot Folder Creation Problem

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Fri Apr 29 16:01:23 EEST 2011

Am 29.04.2011 12:26, schrieb Ceyhun Ganioglu:
> Hi Robert,
> Many thanks for your reply. I realized that the title of my email was not
> explaining my exact problem. My problem is not the creation of the folders.
> I am happy with the folders created by RoundCube. I am confused why Outlook
> can't write to the Sent Items folder. Logically Outlook, TB or any other
> email client must have permission to write the sent mails to the chosen sent
> mail folder on an IMAP server without any problems. Am I wrong? 
> Thanks
> Ceyhun

dont top post

configure outlook to use a imap folder i.e for sent
depends on outlook version
i cant remember if its allready possible with 2007 ( google says its
working )
for sure it works with 2010, before versions you need some macic with
the rules wizard

look here for pictured setup

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> Am 29.04.2011 10:04, schrieb Ceyhun Ganioglu:
>> Hi all,
>> I installed Dovecot-Postfix as an IMAP mail server and also RoundCube as
>> webmail. When I create an account using Postfix Admin and login to
> webmail,
>> roundCube creates the Junk Mail, Deleted Emails folder automatically. I
> also
>> added this account to my Microsoft Outlook 2007. Following some tutorials
> on
>> the internet I created an Outlook rule to move the sent emails to the IMAP
>> server's sent mail folder. When I  send an email, the email disappears
> from
>> the default sent items of Outlook but it doesn't appear on the IMAP
> server's
>> sent items folder.
>> Do I have to set some kind of other permissions on the IMAP server to fix
>> this problem? My version of Dovecot is 1.2.16.
>> I want my clients use Microsoft Outlook and reach all received and sent
>> emails via webmail anywhere they go.
>> Many thanks
>> Ceyhun
> you should choose one default folder layout , and autocreate and
> autosubscribe it with dovecot, i would recommend to use thunderbird
> default folder layout, as TB works on all major plattforms
> then configure your clients to use these default folders
> should be no problem with roundcube, in outlook 2010 this works
> without the outlook spam folder,
> in windows you can use reg patches gpo etc to auto configure folder
> setup with outlook, but the truth is at recent you will not
> goal a valid default auto folder configuration for all imap clients
> you can only workaround it

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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