[Dovecot] SSD drives are really fast running Dovecot

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Sun Jan 16 11:10:43 EET 2011

Am 16.01.2011 06:39, schrieb Noel Butler:
> LOL this is just soooooooo funny., watching the no no no im right you're
> wrong, give up stanley, those on many lists are aware of your trolling,
> nobody cares about your lil SOHO world, this list contains many
> different sized orgs, and like someone else mentione,d the 4K email size
> is SO 1994, but, that about sums you up anyway.
> On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 23:19 -0600, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Philipp Haselwarter put forth on 1/15/2011 8:32 PM:
>>> ,----
>>> | More than 97% of all e-mails sent over the net are unwanted, according
>>> | to a Microsoft security report.[39]
>>> | 
>>> | MAAWG estimates that 85% of incoming mail is "abusive email", as of the
>>> | second half of 2007. The sample size for the MAAWG's study was over 100
>>> | million mailboxes.[40][41][42]
>>> | 
>>> | Spamhaus estimates that 90% of incoming e-mail traffic is spam in North
>>> | America, Europe or Australasia.[43] By June 2008 96.5% of e-mail
>>> | received by businesses was spam.[18][unreliable source?]
>>> `----
>>> I just have a tiny set of 4k spam mails, but they have an avg size of
>>> 39KB, ie well above 4KB.
>> This discussion has been in the context of _storing_ user email.  The assumption
>> is that an OP is smart/talented enough to get his spam filters/appliances
>> killing 99% before it reaches intermediate storage or mailboxes.  Thus, in the
>> context of this discussion, the average size of a spam message is irrelevant,
>> because we're talking about what goes into the mail store.
>> If you're storing significantly more than 1% of spam you need to get that under
>> control before doing any kind of meaningful analysis of mail storage needs.

the simple truth is SSD drives are fast, and it will/might be the future
but mail people are conservative ( you might think about the hell
loosing mail ), at present SSD drives tec is not ready for
serving big mail stores. ( my opinion )
tec time is turning fast, so in whatever time we might all use only
SSD drives then ,or not, we will see
after all its not really a dovecot theme wich should lead to endless
flames on this list

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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