[Dovecot] uid=error

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Nov 21 22:22:58 EET 2011

On 21.11.2011, at 22.14, Robert Schetterer wrote:

>> This is the "info" message from mail_log plugin about what happened to mail. Besides this one, there should be another error message from lda saying what actually happened. The above informational message doesn't really say anything, except that a mail was first saved but then the save transaction was rollbacked.
> Hi Timo,
> just for info
> i also have sporadic error like this
> Nov 21 20:36:10 mail01 dovecot: lmtp(10398, user at user.de): save:
> box=INBOX, uid=error, msgid=<20111121193610.69B4D200A2F at server.de>,
> size=6356
> as mails get delivered i dont care, i see
> this happen sometimes during rsync backuptimes
> but i have not really an idea what exact cause this

Oh, I was wrong. The uid=error simply means that the UID is unknown for some reason. Possibly an internal bug.. The mail got saved just fine. Some backends like saving to a virtual mailbox will also give uid=error.

So anyway, back to the original question: This log message doesn't indicate any error. The problem of some mail not being saved is somewhere else, possibly in MTA configuration?

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