[Dovecot] Virtual Folder configuration problem. [FIXED]

Terry Carmen terry at cnysupport.com
Thu Sep 29 20:15:13 EEST 2011

Well, it took a ton of time and research, but I finally have a working  
Unread virtual mailbox on Dovecot 2.x on Centos 6.0. I have no idea if  
it's optimal or correct, but it works perfectly and doesn't raise any  
errors or warnings.

Here's what I ended up with:

dovecot.conf: Add the following:

mail_plugins = $mail_plugins virtual
namespace {
   type = private
   prefix = virtual.
   separator = .
   location = virtual:~/Maildir/virtual

10-mail.conf: Add the following:
# default namespace
namespace {
   separator = .
   prefix =
   inbox = yes

20-imap.conf: Add the following:
protocol imap {
   mail_plugins = $mail_plugins virtual

15-lda.conf: Add the following:
protocol lda {
   mail_plugins = $mail_plugins virtual

Restart dovecot.
Reload your mail client.

Dovecot will create ~/Maildir/virtual

cd ~/Maildir/virtual
mkdir Unread

Use your favorite editor and create a file named "dovecot-virtual" contaiing:

# ~/Maildir/virtual/unseen/dovecot-virtual

Save the file and restart your mail client.

Go to "Subscriptions" in your mail client and subscribe to the Unseen folder.

You should now have a virtual folder that contains all your unread  
mail, except for the contents of the Trash folder.


Terry Carmen
CNY Support, LLC

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