[Dovecot] Feature request

Arnaud Abélard arnaud.abelard at univ-nantes.fr
Sat Jul 7 18:36:08 EEST 2012

On 07/07/2012 04:35 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 07.07.2012 16:26, schrieb Malloc Kilobyte:
>> Appreciating all Dovecot rich features, I lack just one. And this is the
>> ability to customize the "quota exceeded, message rejected" message. I know
>> I can set it's default content using quota_exceeded_message parameter, but
>> i would also like to have ability to set:
>> - to whom the message is sent. Some mail systems send copy not only to the
>> sender, but also to the recipient. It makes sense in case rejected message
>> has big size.
>> - it's subject
>> - if the rejected message is being attached ( with or without it's own
>> attachments ) or not
>> Moreover, I think it would make sense if the "rejected messege" contained
>> information about size of rejected message and current mailbox space usage.
> hmm - dovecot doe snot send any mail
> so there is not sobject and to whom the message is sen
> messages are typically only REJECTED eith status code and status message
> the mail itself is based on this jerecht code/message from the
> delivering MTA

Then the cool feature could be to be able to make the quota plugin call 
an external script/command which could do whatever the admins wish: Send 
an email to a backup account, modify a database, set off an alarm, phone 
the president, slap the user in the face or whatever.

As far as I know that feature could already exist since the idea just 
popped to me and didn't bother checking the documentation yet. So if it 
is so, my bad.


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