[Dovecot] Howto add another disk storage

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at esiee.fr
Tue Jul 10 09:31:36 EEST 2012

Le 10/07/2012 08:13, Robert Schetterer a écrit :
> Am 09.07.2012 21:41, schrieb Reindl Harald:
>> in these environments you find near to zero SATA
>> only few people these does are doing bare metal installs in days
>> where hardware supported virtaliziation has nearly zero overhead
> Hi Harald, that simply not true
> i have thousends of mailbox users on sata stores
> since years ,without any problem, you should learn that
> things that might fit at your place, are not the ultimate
> answer to everything
Would it be possible to close this thread from Dovecot mailing-list ?

Please setup  mailing-lists pros-cons-Reindl or pros-cons-sata instead

Thank you very much

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