[Dovecot] doveadm purge -A via doveadm-proxy director fails after some users

Daniel Parthey daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Jul 11 01:49:47 EEST 2012

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 29.6.2012, at 19.21, Daniel Parthey wrote:
> > Jun 29 15:40:31 dovecot: doveadm(user31 at domain1.example.org):
> > Error: user user31 at domain1.example.org: Error reading configuration:
> > net_connect_unix(/var/run/dovecot/config) failed: Permission denied
> I've noticed a similar problem happening somewhat randomly, but I still
> haven't looked into why exactly it happens. Anyway the attached patch should
> fix this specific error, but I'm not sure if there isn't another one. Try and
> let me know? :)

Unfortunately, the problem still persists with dovecot 2.1.8,
which already contains the following code:

enum master_service_flags service_flags =
const char *error;
master_service = master_service_init("doveadm", service_flags,
&argc, &argv, NULL);
if (master_getopt(master_service) > 0)

The command
/usr/bin/doveadm -c /etc/dovecot-director/dovecot-director.conf -D purge -A
still generates the following errors after iterating some dozen users:

doveadm(nagios at metaways.de): Error: doveadm server failure
doveadm: Error: Failed to iterate through some users

Which information should I provide to help debugging the problem?

Kind regards

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