[Dovecot] mail_log plugin logs UTF-8 mailbox name

Ewald Dieterich ewald.lists at fun.de
Wed Jul 11 21:41:02 EEST 2012

On 07/11/12 19:11, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 11.7.2012, at 15.42, Ewald Dieterich wrote:
>> A small bug in the mail_log plugin:
>> [...] copy from INBOX: box=INBOX.Euro €, [...]
> I think the UTF8 name is more correct here
>> [...] copy from Euro &IKw-: box=INBOX, [...]
> and I should change this instead.

Here is another one:

$ doveadm mailbox create -u 520000002149-0001 "INBOX.Umlaut ä"
doveadm(520000002149-0001): Info: Mailbox created: Umlaut &AOQ-

And again from the mail_log plugin:

[...] Mailbox deleted: Umlaut &AOQ-

> Just because IMAP protocol uses mUTF7 doesn't mean that it should be
> visible anywhere else.

Well, it used to be mUTF-7 everywhere, and now all the scripts that use
doveadm are broken. Also, it used to be so easy to go from a protocol
snippet to the filesystem and then to a doveadm command line. Just copy
and paste. But I'm just complaining ;-)

> (You can already use UTF8 for mailbox names on the filesystem.)

You mean there is a configuration option in Dovecot? I didn't know that.

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