[Dovecot] Feature request

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jul 17 15:52:55 EEST 2012

On 7.7.2012, at 17.26, Malloc Kilobyte wrote:

> Appreciating all Dovecot rich features, I lack just one. And this is the
> ability to customize the "quota exceeded, message rejected" message. I know
> I can set it's default content using quota_exceeded_message parameter, but
> i would also like to have ability to set:
> - to whom the message is sent. Some mail systems send copy not only to the
> sender, but also to the recipient. It makes sense in case rejected message
> has big size.

I've thought about changing the default over-quota handling so that the user would be allowed one final mail to go over quota, as long as the mail is smaller than the user's total quota. And in normal situations user's quota is higher than the max. allowed message size advertised by SMTP server. Then this setting wouldn't be useful.

> - it's subject

rejection_subject setting can already change this, although it applies also for Sieve rejects.

Also in a preferred setup the rejection is done by replying failure to SMTP's RCPT TO command, in which case nothing else can be configured besides the one rejection string.

> - if the rejected message is being attached ( with or without it's own
> attachments ) or not

Spam is often sent this way.

> Moreover, I think it would make sense if the "rejected messege" contained
> information about size of rejected message and current mailbox space usage.

Message size could possibly be added, but I think current space usage could be considered a privacy leak.

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