[Dovecot] Remove leading and trailing spaces from folder names?

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Jul 19 16:07:23 EEST 2012

Am 19.07.2012 14:45, schrieb Ralf Hildebrandt:
> Hi!
> Anybody got a doveadm script which can remove leading and trailing
> spaces from folder names?
> Right now we're migrating mailboxes from dovecot -> Exchange, and
> Exchange cannot handle leading and trailing spaces in Folder names.

use imapsync ?


REM imapsync example batch for Windows users
REM lines beginning with REM are just comments

REM Replace imap.foo.org toto secretoto titi secretiti with
your own values

.\imapsync.exe --host1 imap.foo.org  --user1 toto --password1
"secretoto" --host2 --user2 titi --password2 "secretiti"

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thats the real punish for going exchnage *g

Best Regards
MfG Robert Schetterer

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