[Dovecot] Problem overriding default quota limit

Daniel Parthey daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Sat Jul 28 05:34:30 EEST 2012

Hello Raul,

Raul Jareño Morago wrote:
> We get user's quota limit from LDAP.  It works fine when user has
> quota attribute in LDAP (this is when it's different from default
> quota). But when user doesn't have quota limit attribute Dovecot
> doesn't take default value defined in quota plugin and assign unlimit
> quota to user.

Your version 2.1.1 is affected by a bug which
has been fixed in newer Dovecot Releases:

Also see http://dovecot.org/doc/NEWS-2.1

v2.1.7 2012-05-29  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

  * LDAP: Compatibility fix for v2.0: ldap: If attributes contain
    ldapAttr=key=template%$ and ldapAttr doesn't exist, skip the key
    instead of using "template" value with empty %$ part for the key.

Please update to latest stable release 2.1.8
which contains a lot of important fixes.


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