[Dovecot] doveadm director move behaviour

Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Thu Jul 12 14:14:37 EEST 2012


	I have a director farm running in front of dovecot pop/imap servers. 
For a reason, one of my backend servers have been down, so poolmon 
disables it in director servers and users corresponding to it has been 
sent to other servers. Until this, no problem.

	Now my failed backend server is up again, and I want to redirect all of 
its users to it, without waiting for it director sessions to end.

	So I have used doveadm director move <user> <backend ip> to move them 
to its "hashed" server. Although a doveadm director status <user> now 
shows me that this user is directed to the new server, doveadm who in 
the temporal server shows me that the user is actually connected to it, 
although messages are delivered to it through is correct server. So I 
have had to manually kick that users in the temporal servers.

	Is this the expected behaviour of the move command for director?

	Is there any way to also force the kick of the imap/pop user's 
connection in the temporal server?

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