[Dovecot] imapc: Restrict the number of connections

René Neumann lists at necoro.eu
Fri Jul 13 15:39:15 EEST 2012


I have managed to get an imapc connection to another server and bind its
contents to only one account (via global ACL).

The namespace itself is created as public, though it does not seem to
make a difference for this use case (i.e., it does not matter, whether
its type is 'public', 'shared', or 'private').

namespace {
  hidden = no
  list = children
  location = imapc:
  prefix = Gemeinsam.
  separator = .
  subscriptions = no
  type = public

One problem remains: Though there is only one account that is allowed to
use this imapc-connection, each imap-process opens a connection to the
imapc'd server.

Is this caused directly by the imapc_*-definitions in the config? Or is
there a way of restricting this to only the account which actually uses it.

Used dovecot version: 2.1.8


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