[Dovecot] mdbox with separate index location results in many emptydirectories

Jürgen Obermann Juergen.Obermann at hrz.uni-giessen.de
Fri Jul 20 15:46:04 EEST 2012


I use dovecot 2.1.7 with mdbox format and I specified a separate  
location for mailbox index files with

mail_location = mdbox:/dovecot/storage%h:INDEX=/dovecot/index%h

With this setting I get for every mailbox a directory under both  
filesystems /dovecot/index and /dovecot/storage, e.g. for the inbox it  
looks like that:

# ls -lR /dovecot/index/home/hrz/myuser/mailboxes/INBOX  
total 49
-rw-------   1 myuser     hrz        20480 Jul 20 11:12 dovecot.index.cache
-rw-------   1 myuser     hrz         1280 Jul 20 08:00 dovecot.index.log
-rw-------   1 myuser     hrz          301 Jul 19 16:45 dovecot.index.search
-rw-------   1 myuser     hrz           20 Jul 19 16:45  

total 3
drwx------   2 myuser     hrz            2 Jul 19 15:20 dbox-Mails

total 0

As expected the index files now reside under  
/dovecot/index%h/mailboxes/, but the path  
/dovecot/storage%h/mailboxes/ also contains for every user and every  
mailbox name a directory which in turn contains only an empty  
subdirectory 'dbox-Mails'.  These directories seem to me to sum up to  
a lot of unneded infrstructure objects. I tried to delete these empty  
directories, but dovecot did not like that and stopped to work. So  
somehow they are necessary, in spite of setting a separate index file  

So my question is, could these empty directories be avoided, perhaps  
in a future version?


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