[Dovecot] Empty argument in "executable = script ..." service

Florian Wagner florian at wagner-flo.net
Thu Jul 26 14:26:56 EEST 2012


what is the point of adding an empty argument to the command called by
the "executable = script ..." setting in a service? I guess that would
be the call to array_append_space at line 57 in util/script.c.

Background is that I'm trying to run bogofilter through the extprograms
Pigeonhole plugin. So I've defined a service entry with a unix_listener
and wondered why my test shell script works but bogofilter exits with a
cryptic error.

Turns out that this empty argument at the end trips up the bogofilter
argument parsing code. If I manually call bogofilter with execv and add
that empty argument I get the same cryptic error.

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