[Dovecot] Can we know when a user read our email?

Linda Walsh dovecot at tlinx.org
Sun Jun 3 11:06:18 EEST 2012

Ed W wrote:
> Just to register interest, but at some point I will need to consider 
> writing a plugin or similar to achieve exactly this.
> Situation is that several of our competitors offer such a feature, ie 
> known pool of users on dialup or intermittently connected systems, 
> provide an alert back to the sender when your email has been 
> "accessed/downloaded" by the remote user.
    My dentist used a service that claimed to provide a read-notification.

It was just an embedded web-bug in the email that I could choose to 
display or not ... if the client doesn't want to cooperate, you can't 
tell when the person read it.  All you could do is tell when a client 
downloaded it from dovecot...which doesn't say much for clients that are 
left on 24/7...

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