[Dovecot] Can we know when a user read our email?

Michael Orlitzky michael at orlitzky.com
Sun Jun 3 17:24:53 EEST 2012

On 06/03/12 04:43, Ed W wrote:
> Look, I can argue against the idea easily, personally my objection is 
> mail loops, but the point is that the customer demands it, and at 
> present that prevents me bidding for certain types of business...  
> Basically the customer just wants to repro what they got with Exchange

I for one think the plugin is a good idea.

I think read receipts are dumb, of course. But if the customer won't be
persuaded, I would rather have them give their money to you than to the
guy who thinks they're a great solution.

Plus, it will make Dovecot a little bit better as a side effect.

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