[Dovecot] Exposing global (default) sieve script through Managesieve

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Sun Jun 3 23:57:30 EEST 2012

Hi Stephan,

> You asked this one on IRC a while back right?
Yup, that was me.

> The copy-on-write scheme I describe above may solve this, as it  
> remembers (somehow) the status of the account: either an  
> untouched/unconfigured account or an account with no active scripts.  
> This behavior could be combined with the solution you describe above.
Yeah, the copy-on-write approach is probably a good idea.

A downside of the copy-on-write approach is that if you change the
global script later on, it doesn't affect users that made any changes to
their sieve configuration (as opposed to my proposal, where only changes
to the actual "default" script would prevent this). However, I
mentioning this just for completeness, since I don't really think this
is much of a problem.

Also, the "no sieve configured" case could be detected by the existence
of a sieve_directory, perhaps?

> In my last release of Pigeonhole I added support for putting scripts  
> inside a dict database (or any other storage facility once implemented).  
> Support for ManageSieve accessing such alternative data stores is  
> lacking still, but, once I implement that, I also intend to address the  
> issue you describe here. I'm probably going to structure it very similar  
> to Dovecot's own mail storage library, meaning that plugins can override  
> certain aspects of the storage's behavior.  This should allow for all  
> kinds of magic in the script storage, including what you describe above.
Would it make sense to implement such magin inside the script storage,
or on top of it? The latter means the magic will work for every storage
implemented, which would be an advantage?

In any case, if there is some lookout onto this feature, I might
configure the Roundcube plugin thing now and upgrade to a real solution
at some later point.


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