[Dovecot] [ Re: best practises for mail systems]

Alexander Chekalin achekalin at lazurit.com
Wed Jun 6 08:40:43 EEST 2012

05.06.2012 23:33, Michescu Andrei написал:
> Picture the following scenario: master servers on each continent.
> Catastrophic failure of the trans-continental network =>  5 big
> disconnected chunks of network fully functional. Any HA setup that I saw
> will fail miserably. The simplest design with fully replicated masters
> will continue to work.

Dispute the original topic, I'd say this looks like a good service idea, 
as many company may pay for such a service if it can be set up 
specifically for their needs (routing, logs, backups, redirections).

Gmail (and other big guys like them) won't be that fine-tunable (having 
point to service many customers with the same type of control), and 
companies sometime just won't deal with such a Big Brother to store 
their corporate mail due to internal regulations (read - 'corporate 

But the replication between "points of presence" (5 big datacenters, one 
per continent, won't be good topology) will be painful and we easily 
face split-brain situation, whichever replicaton scheme I can imagine.


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