[Dovecot] Postfix don't relay to dovecot virtual user

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Thu Jun 7 17:41:48 EEST 2012

On Thu, 7 Jun 2012 15:33:34 +0200
phil25lsbin articulated:

>I run a mail server on debian squeeze system , i installed the
>following software
>I configured a virtual domain and virtual mailbox but postfix don't
>pipe mail in dovecot.


1) Do not paste & copy your config files. Use:
	dovecot -n
	postconf -n

Paste the output of those commands in you post.

If Postfix is not relaying the mail you would probably be better served
on the Postfix forum. Its not that no one here could help you, I am
sure they will; however, it is really not a dovecot problem. For
Postfix, you might want to investigate the
<http://www.postfix.com/DEBUG_README.html> page, specifically:
<http://www.postfix.com/DEBUG_README.html#mail> Check out the
postfinger tool. This can be found at http://ftp.wl0.org/SOURCES/postfinger.

Also, be sure to state the versions of the software that you are using
and you OS system version as well.

Jerry ♔

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