[Dovecot] v2.0.21 released

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Jun 12 23:45:40 EEST 2012

Am 12.06.2012 22:41, schrieb Andreas Meyer:
> Please can some soul explain the naming conventions used to release this software?
> Tue Jun 12 00:51:56 EEST 2012
> Released v2.0.21.
> Tue May 29 22:24:49 EEST 2012
> Released v2.1.7.
> I don't understand the numbering

the same as PHP

PHP 5.4.3 and PHP 5.3.13 Released

be happy that there is software where you not forced to
upgrade as soon as a new manjor/minor version is out

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