[Dovecot] Problem with lmtp director proxy

Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Wed Jun 13 09:58:46 EEST 2012


	I have checked in almost every error I had that the error is produced 
whenever happens a timeout of 30 seconds between opening the connection 
between the director and backend server and the final delivery of the 
message in the user's mailbox.

	When I have mails with just a few of recipients, I have no problem 
because this 30 seconds timeout is never reached. But when I have mails 
with more recipients and my storage has workload it is sometimes reached.

	But I haven't found any configuration for this 30 seconds timeout. What 
could it be this option? Because I have configured proxy_timeout=120 in 
proxy configuration:

pass_attrs = 

	Looking for this timeout in the code, I have found these defines:

director/director.c:#define DIRECTOR_RECONNECT_TIMEOUT_MSECS (30*1000)
director/director.c:#define DIRECTOR_USER_MOVE_TIMEOUT_MSECS (30*1000)
director/director-request.c:#define DIRECTOR_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_SECS 30

lmtp/commands.c:#define LMTP_PROXY_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MSECS (1000*30)

	Could it be one of these timeouts? In this case... is there any way to 
configure it without changing code?

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