[Dovecot] difference between client_limit and process_limit

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Jun 13 15:28:48 EEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 14:15 +0200, Angel L. Mateo wrote:

> 	2.1.5. Whole doveconf is attached. As far as I could find, I don't have 
> multiple.confs but, because I'm managing configuration with puppet, is 
> easier for me to have a few "service imap-login" entries in the 
> 10-master.conf file. In previous checks I did, it seems to be mixed 
> without problems, but I'm going to try to manually mixed them. What I 
> have is:
> service imap-login {
>    # Number of connections to handle before starting a new process. 
> Typically
>    # the only useful values are 0 (unlimited) or 1. 1 is more secure, but 0
>    # is faster. <doc/wiki/LoginProcess.txt>
>    #service_count = 1

Oh, right, service_count=1 is the default and that overrides
client_limit. Set it to 0.

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