[Dovecot] GlusterFS + Dovecot

Костырев Александр Алексеевич a.kostyrev at serverc.ru
Fri Jun 22 05:27:38 EEST 2012

We've considered using gluster for our mail storage a month ago.
I've seen 
 index corruption even if mail was delivered by lmtp sequentially
 some split-brains with no clear reason
 with more than 2000 mails in box we had to wait for 40sec to open mailbox through roundcube, so
we've decided to go for dsync replication instead with
common mysql database for user storage and imap/pop3/lmtp proxy.

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Has anyone used GlusterFS as storage file system for dovecot or any other
email system..?


It says that it can be presented as a NFS, CIFS and as GlusterFS using the
native client, technically using the client would allow the machine to read
and write to it, therefore, I think that Dovecot would not care about it.


Anyone out there used this setup??



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