[Dovecot] LDA vs maildrop... LDA *and* maildrop?

email builder emailbuilder88 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 22 11:59:19 EEST 2012

>>  1. we use a lot of maildrop "features" that are impossible in 

>> sieve 
> We're calling deliver from maildropc

Ah, so this is actually sane enough of an idea that someone
really uses it?  Is the performance reasonable?  Bounces or
deferred mail all work as expected?  What syntax did you use
to replace to/cc with calls to LDA?

>>  2. would love to try dbox
> For that you'd need to call deliver from maildropc

I take it you didn't try this

>>  3. we use IMAP/Maildir++ quotas (looks like with a little finesse
>>  it's possible to get maildrop and dovecot to play nice on this
>>  account, yes?)
> deliver/dovecot is handling Maildir++ quotas just fine.

But if you call dovecot LDA you're not limited to Maildir++
quotas, right?  You can strip quota support out of maildrop
and just let dovecot LDA and dovecot IMAP enforce quotas
which keeps things more simple, no?

>>  How much overhead will this take?  Would it be possible or
>>  advisable to use LMTP instead if that would help?  Is this
>>  idea just too crazy?
> does maildrop speak LMTP?

Good point

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