[Dovecot] 2.1.7 TLS issues

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Jun 24 13:06:07 EEST 2012

On 2012-06-24 5:58 AM, Christian Rößner 
<c at roessner-network-solutions.com> wrote:
> I have an interesting problem: I am building dovecot packages for
> Ubuntu since 10.04. Never had bigger trouble with it. Now since 2.1.6
> or 2.1.7 (I can not say more precisely), Thunderbird 10ESR and
> Outlook 2010 can no longer use 143/TLS correctly. Automx delvers
> 143/TLS and Outlook tells me that it can not create a secure
> connection. I changed automx to use 993/SSL and everything works.
> Under Thunderbird 10ESR, I get a box that tells me that I need to
> change settings. When I sent mail, TB told me that it could not copy
> the mail to the sent folder. I also changed to 993/SSL and everything
> is perfect.
> At the other and, Apples Mail.app and iOS devices work perfectly over
> 143/TLS. So my guess is that it has to do with OpenSSL. Did something
> change in dovecot concerning TLS? Can I change options in the built
> process?

Maybe related to the OpenSSL bug that caused the problem (it sometimes 
helps to read/search emails on this list before posting) discussed just 
yesterday in this thread:




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