[Dovecot] Virtual users - what is better Maildir or mbox?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 12:34:35 EEST 2012

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Charles Marcus
<CMarcus at media-brokers.com> wrote:
> On 2012-06-25 3:20 AM, Kaya Saman <kayasaman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> # cat dovecot.conf
>> # v1.2+:
>> auth_use_winbind = yes
> Please always only provide output of doveconf -n, not copy/pastes from the
> config files.
> This proves (to yourself and everyone else) that you are using the config
> that dovecot is actually using - it this shows you mistakes like typos,
> certain deprecated/invalid settings, and even if you are editing the wrong
> config file(s).
> --
> Best regards,
> Charles

Thanks for the tip!

I didn't know of the dovecot -n command so thanks for pointing that
out to me......

It's strange as I've been fiddling around with mail servers for some
time in test labs at home but I still feel like I'm on the outside
looking in; oh well at least this design at work is much better even
though it took forever to get the PAM potion for AD sorted out.



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