[Dovecot] specifying home/sieve/sieve_dir relative to mail_location

Edgar Fuß ef at math.uni-bonn.de
Mon Jun 25 17:42:49 EEST 2012

> Mail/Sieve dirs can be relative to home dir, not vice versa.
OK, thanks.

> Yeah, that would probably work.
I'll try that.

> Maybe look into changing your directory hierarchy so mails are under home.
Too late. Also, as directories corresponding to IMAP folders always start with a dot, it appeared quite natural to me to have ``home''  and ``sieve'' at the same level as ``.dovecot'' (and ``cur'', for that matter).

Ah, and what about the WIKI ``user_attrs = .., mailDirectory=home=/var/vmail/%$'' example that I don't understand?

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