[Dovecot] The deleted_to_trash Plugin (workaround Outlook 2007 behaviour)

J E Lyon role.Dovecot-Readers at jlassocs.com
Wed Jun 27 21:34:20 EEST 2012

On 27 Jun 2012, at 19:27, Bradley Giesbrecht wrote:

> On Jun 27, 2012, at 9:10 AM, J E Lyon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I see this plugin exists for v1 & v2, all very interesting... Surprised no one seems to have created an RPM and it looks like deleted_to_trash is one of the very few plugins to not be shipped as part of the default install with CentOS 5.5 or CentOS 6 (i.e. Dovecot v1 & v2 respectively.)
>> Am I missing something, or does everyone really build from source?
> I was not aware of this plugin.
> Looking at the plugin configuration options how would one handle all the various folder names that users use for "Trash"?
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Plugins/deleted-to-trash

Hi Brad,

Well, it could be a configurable folder name, or not, but it doesn't matter _too_ much . . Looking at various IMAP clients, they already use a variety of folder names, so if I access my IMAP account using my MacBook and my Android and an installation of MS-Outlook, then I might end up with a Deleted folder *and* a Trash folder. It doesn't much matter, I can undelete within an application where I've accidentally hit "delete" and if I'm looking further back for something deleted last week, I can search both folders if I can't remember where it was deleted.

It all works out adequately in the end -- from an end user's point of view -- even if it's not very pretty from a software design point of view.


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