[Dovecot] RAID1+md concat+XFS as mailstorage

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Jun 28 15:15:09 EEST 2012

On 28/06/2012 13:01, Костырев Александр Алексеевич wrote:
> Hello!
> somewhere in maillist I've seen RAID1+md concat+XFS being promoted as mailstorage.
> Does anybody in here actually use this setup?
> I've decided to give it a try,
> but ended up with not being able to recover any data off survived pairs from linear array when _the_first of raid1 pairs got down.

This is the configuration endorsed by Stan Hoeppner.  His description of 
the benefits is quite compelling, but real world feedback is interesting 
to achieve.

Note that you wouldn't get anything back from a similar fail of a RAID10 
array either (unless we are talking temporary removal and re-insertion?)

Ed W

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