[Dovecot] started with dovecot sieve

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Thu Jun 28 17:36:46 EEST 2012

Am 2012-06-27 20:47, schrieb Daniel Parthey:
> Rolf wrote:
>> LMTP would be new to me and I fear just other hard-to-understand
>> configuration topics.
> LMTP (Lightweight Message Transfer Protocol) is really simple,
> similar to SMTP, but immediately returns a status code which
> tells whether the delivery has been successful or not.
> I encourage you to read this HOWTO:
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/HowTo/PostfixDovecotLMTP
> Dovecot listens and accepts mails on the LMTP service port,
> postfix delivers mails directly into this LMTP service port.
> Since it is an additional service, you should be able to try
> it first, without interfering with your deliver functionality.
> Here you can read, how the LMTP communication looks like:
> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMTP
> Regards
> Daniel
Yes, Daniel, thank you. I had found this pieces from your privious 
I understand that LMTP is an alternative to SMTP when it comes to mail 
communication inside a server or a local network.
I understand that LMTP is newer. But if you look at incoming mail via 
SMTP on socket 25 and than look at the mail via roundcoube 
(communicating with dovecot) what is the difference and why should I 

That is - if I introduce LMTP - postfix will talk to dovecot by a 
different protocol. Correct? Will dovecot change its behavior?
As I am not an SMTP insider (never did SMTP using telnet) I hardly 
understand what this change could do to my problem.
Wouldn't dovecot LDA "deliver" still try to change the INBOX and will 
have access problems that I do not understand?

Do you have a link for me, explaining what "deliver" does with a mail 
that is not subject to any of the "fileinto" of a sieve filter? What 
user accounts are involved in that function? Why does it not work with 
the Debian default that a user is not a member of the group "mail" that 
is assigned to their INBOX? (If this is part of the problem what I do 
not know for sure, yet.)

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