[Dovecot] Setting up mixed mbox and maildir

Jeff Lacki jeep at rahul.net
Thu Jun 28 21:15:20 EEST 2012

Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh at pacbell.net> wrote:

> Quite right; this comes from a reading of pages in both wiki1 and wiki2.
> I now surmise that this isn't a good idea since wiki1 describes v1.x
> and wiki2 describes v2.x, which have different syntaxes (syntaces?).  Is
> all this correct?

I too had a very hard time figuring out what was what in the new wiki
for 2.1.7 and still havent figured it out and gave up since Ive had no
time to get back into it.  I had already spent 2-3 full days (in my spare
time) trying to figure out the permissions nightmare in the logs.

I was only able to get mbox working so I gave up and went on to my
next issue, getting it to work with my iphone.  My iphone 4 is not 
even connecting to dovecot imap/imaps on 993 when I tried to set that up.
Nothing in the logs, such frustration across the board.



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