[Dovecot] moving from BSD to Ubuntu

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Sat Jun 30 23:33:42 EEST 2012

Il 30/06/2012 22:19, spamvoll at googlemail.com ha scritto:
> hi..
> im planning to move my Mailserver from an FreeBSD Box to an Ubuntu
> 12.04 LTS Box.

Hi, I recently migrated to ubuntu 12.04 (not from freebsd) the only 
problem was this:


solved patching openssl ubuntu package,


> Both Boxes run Dovecot 2.0
> Does anyone did this before and experienced any problems ?
> Downtime is no problem, my plan is to stop Dovecot on the Bsd Box and
> copy all Mailbox files to the Uuntu system and start dovecot.
> Regards
> Hans

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