[Dovecot] Email auto purging applied to all mail folders

Joe V Aldeguer jaldeguer at safnow.org
Wed Jun 6 19:19:41 EEST 2012


Is it possible to have this done not only for spam and trash folder but lets say like the user inbox and any user created mail folders too?  My ultimate goal is to have a way to automate the email deletion process of emails stored in the user inbox or mail folders when it reaches a specified date.  My boss wants to force users to keep emails only a month old anything beyond that will be deleted.  Has anyone done this using dovecot and are there any guides available?  I am also open to suggestions for commercial solutions but so far searching online for solutions only comes up with email archiving. 

The dovecot version I have installed is version 2.0.19.

Thanks in advance.

- Joe

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