[Dovecot] Accessing maildir snapshots through dovecot / namespace

Karl Oulmi karl.oulmi at ibl.fr
Thu Jun 7 18:26:59 EEST 2012


I've the following setup :

- FreeBSD 9.0 / Dovecot 2.1.7
- Maildir storage over iSCSI (Dell MD3200i)
- Virtual users over LDAP

to render the storage snapshots available through
dovecot (to allow my users to browse their mail history).

Here is my conf :

namespace {
type = private
inbox = yes
list = yes
prefix = INBOX.
location = 

namespace snap {
prefix = INBOX.snapshot.h0.
hidden = no
inbox = no
list = yes
location = 
type = private

The problem is that I don't see the content of the inbox folder 
contained in the snapshots whereas subfolders are perfectly viewed !

Inbox cur|new are is /da1/%u/Maildir/

If anyone have a tip, It would be nice...


Centre de Ressources Informatiques
Institut de Biologie de Lille - CNRS GDS3366


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