[Dovecot] dsync migration with preserving pop3 uidl

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Jun 11 16:25:37 EEST 2012

On 24.5.2012, at 13.17, Tomáš Herceg wrote:

> I'm trying to migrate messages from icewarp (merak) mailserver to dovecot via
> dsync, IMAP migration is looking fine, but I'm unable to migrate pop3 uidls from
> originating server, probably is something wrong with configuration, but I don't
> know what. The only documentation i found is on the wiki:
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Migration/Dsync where is bad writen mail_plugins =
> pop3-migration, i corrected it to mail_plugins = pop3_migration, but it still
> didn't work, here is my configuration:
> namespace {
>  hidden = yes
>  list = yes

list=no would be better so clients don't accidentally access this.

>  location = pop3c:
>  prefix = POP3/
> }
> I'm runnig dsync this way:
> /usr/bin/time -f "%E" doveadm -vD -o imapc_user=test1 at irock.cz -o
> imapc_password=***** backup -u test1 at irock.cz -f -R imapc:/tmp-ram/imapc-test1

You need to change pop3c_user and pop3c_password also in this command line.

> dsync(test1 at irock.cz): Error: stat((null)) failed: Bad address
> dsync(test1 at irock.cz): Error: stat((null)) failed: Bad address

I wonder what these are.

Also I wonder why the weren't any messages about missing/wrong user+pass for pop3c.

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