[Dovecot] imap max user ip conn, what's a safe increase?

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Fri Jun 15 02:50:52 EEST 2012

I have dovecot 1.x, all's working well, thanks

now that I'm using K9 mail on Android phone, whenever I try to access
emails with an imap collect 'pass' from Snapper mail client on Palm, I

"max number of connections from user+ip exceeded"

I'm currently at default (unspecified) of 10 imap/3 pop

what's a reasonable next number of IMAP connections I should up it to ?
that won't bite on the backside...?

12 ? 20 ?

when I run IMAP pass from Snapper, I only run it over inbox, maybe one
other folder, max 2 folders, so 12 should do ?

/etc/dovecot# grep max_user *
dovecot.conf:  #mail_max_userip_connections = 10
dovecot.conf:  #mail_max_userip_connections = 3


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