[Dovecot] specifying home/sieve/sieve_dir relative to mail_location

Edgar Fuß ef at math.uni-bonn.de
Tue Jun 19 16:14:14 EEST 2012

With 1.2, is it possible to specify home, sieve and sieve_dir relative to mail_location?

I have
	mail_location = maildir:/import/mail/%n/:INDEX=/var/db/dovecot/indexes/%n
and, in the plugin section,
	home = /import/mail/%n/home
	sieve = /import/mail/%n/dovecot.sieve
	sieve_dir = /import/mail/%n/sieve
I would like to partially move users to another location (different file server) by using an LDAP entry.
I know it's possible to specify everything relative to home, so I could probably use relative ~/../-type paths for  mail_locatin etc., but that looks a bit awkward.

The VirtualUsers/Home Wiki enty contains an example for relative paths
	user_attrs = .., mailDirectory=home=/var/vmail/%$
which I do not understand.

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