[Dovecot] Dovecot LDA, Offlineimap and Sieve

Johnny yggdrasil at gmx.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 02:28:10 EEST 2012


I am trying to st up Offlineimap to use Dovecots LDA to be able to use
Sieve for mail filtering, but am not sure how to get this working. I
think the right way would be to use 'preauthtunnel' in .offlineimaprc
and try the setup below, which doesn't work.

| [Repository LocalRepository]
| type = IMAP
| preauthtunnel = ssh -q localhost '/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver -d myloginid'

If I go via the network card, the snch is fine, but Sieve can't be used?
| [Repository LocalRepository]
| type = IMAP
| preauthtunnel = MAIL=maildir:$HOME/Maildir/myMailDir /usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver -d mylogonid
| remotehost = localhost
| port = 143
| remoteuser = mylogonid
| remotepass = mypassword

Has anyone got any tips on how to get offlineimap to send mail to
Dovecot in a way that Siev3e can be used?



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