[Dovecot] Doubt the relationship between NTLM and Kerberos.

Maria Jose Yañez Dacosta mariajose1982 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 15:59:25 EEST 2013

Could someone explain to me what role does the Authenticating Kerberos NTLM
in Authenticating NTLM explained in
http://wiki.dovecot.org/HowTo/ActiveDirectoryNtlm ?

Not understand that relationship between NTLM and Kerberos?.

I have to configure thunderbird with simple password method and leave the
password to be blank or have to use the gssapi?

Although gssapi not supported by windows right?

You have to generate a keytab for imap server against AD? I should create
in windows and copy it to linux where I have my imap server?

I appreciate someone can explain this.
Thank you!.

Maria José

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