[Dovecot] namespace delivery question

Laszlo Kiraly l.kiraly at madalbal.hu
Tue Jul 2 16:23:10 EEST 2013

> > There is a -m option in the lda delivery where you can give namespace 
> > Maybe it's good for this, but I couldn't find any information how can I do
> > this with lmtp?
> If you set:
> lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox = yes
> recipient_delimiter = #
> you could alias info at domain.com to 

What kind of alias do you think? At smtp time, like in the /etc/aliases?
Eventually, i can configure exim to accept the "#" and "/" chars in the email 

> <user>#Public.Mailbox.Folder at domain.com . 1st option tells LMTP to 
> use the detail (subaddress) as default mailbox, which is essentially 
> the same as the -m option of the LDA. 2nd options sets the delimiter 
> of user and detail. <user> must habe write permission to the folder.
> Regards,
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> Steffen Kaiser

Best regards: Király László

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