[Dovecot] namespace delivery question

Laszlo Kiraly l.kiraly at madalbal.hu
Wed Jul 3 17:36:21 EEST 2013

> > If I rewrite info at domain.com to vmail+public/info at domain.com, then it saved to
> > /home/vmail/public/mailboxes/info however if I get mail to
> > vmail+public/info at anotherdomain.com then it's saved to the same mailbox.
> >
> > How can I set dovecot to save to different mailboxes?
> if both users vmail at domain.com and vmail at anotherdomain.com have 
> "append" permission to public/info,
>  vmail+public/info at anotherdomain.com will save the message there,
>  because that's the idea of lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox . 
> vmail+public/info at anotherdomain.com means: do not save to INBOX of 
> vmail at anotherdomain.com, but to public/info with the permission of 
> user vmail at anotherdomain.com. That applies to all other users as well.
> If you want to store info at anotherdomain.com somewhere else, create 
> another SMTP alias to another mailbox, e.g.:
> info at anotherdomain.com -> 
> vmail+public/info-anotherdomain at anotherdomain.com

Thanks, that is the trick.

> I think you should reject incoming mails from outside to vmail and 
> handle all deliveries to public through local SMTP aliases. Because 
> "vmail" is no valid recipient anyway, isn't it?

Do you think reject in SMTP time in exim? I think, I do exactly the same.
I have a list with public mails and rewrite rules for them. I use this list in
an acl to check it's a public mailbox or not.
Of course vmail isn't a valid recipient.

I have now a fully working system. :)

Thank you all for the very useful answers.

Regards: Laszlo Kiraly

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