[Dovecot] Crashes with 2.2.4 setup that worked perfectly with 2.2.2 (.2.3 also crashes)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Jul 8 13:15:25 EEST 2013

Am 08.07.2013 12:00, schrieb Eugene:
> Actually the first line seems to suggest an attempt to allocate 2GB block. The question is why it wants to do that =)

sure taht there is no stupid client trying to store a some GB
draft on the server? i had a year ago a apple-mail client
where the user selected the wrong attachment (6 GB MP4)
and apple-mail insisted to store it a draft on the server
repeating this every time the server came back after crashing
even after changing the password as the client found a open
connection from before

if the client is inside the LAN with GBE this goes fast

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