[Dovecot] SSL cert problem

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Fri Jul 12 03:37:50 EEST 2013

At  1PM -0700 on 11/07/13 you (Professa Dementia) wrote:
> If you have access to a Unix / Linux system, you can use openssl with
> the s_client command to connect to your mail server, much as you would
> have done with telnet in the old days.  openssl shows all of the key
> exchange in detail and should be more than enough for you to be able to
> debug your problem.  Compare fingerprints of the keys you have stored
> with those being sent to/from the server.
> Example:
> openssl s_client -connect mail.mydomain.com:995

For STARTTLS that needs to be

    openssl s_client -starttls imap mail.mydomain.com:143


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