[Dovecot] mail not reject when the mailbox is full (Dovecot-LDAP-Imap_quota)

Daniel Parthey d.parthey at metaways.de
Sun Jul 14 15:24:43 EEST 2013

Hi Victor,

you probably forgot to enable/configure quota for LMPT or LDA service which enforces quota during delivery of new mails.

If you still need help, please post the complete output of doveconf -n


"Victor Oñate" <victormanuelo at gmail.com> schrieb:
>Hello List.
>Currently I have configured the share of users through the LDAP query
>protocol imap {
>  mail_plugins = quota imap_quota
>plugin {
>  quota = dirsize
>userdb ldap {
>    args = /etc/dovecot/dovecot-ldap.conf
>  }
>auth_bind = yes
>ldap_version = 3
>base = dc=XXX,dc=YY,dc=ZZ
>deref = never
>scope = subtree
>user_attrs =
>user_filter = (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%u))
>pass_attrs =
>pass_filter = (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%u))
>Additionally in thunderbird customers have the plug so they can see the
>share. This works perfect!
>However, when the mailbox exceeds 100% users continue to receive mail
>makes the risk set allocated disk space, the idea is that when full the
>with a message "mailbox XXX full" .
>As always appreciate the ideas.
>Victor Oñate

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