[Dovecot] new user questions

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Jul 14 19:52:34 EEST 2013

On Sunday 14 July 2013 12:38:21 Jerry did opine:
> Personally, it sounds like you are trying to reinvent the wheel here.
> Your setup seems to be way to complicated. I would start by redesigning
> you whole system and eliminating "procmail". It has not been touched in
> over a dozen years and there are far more powerful and reliable sorting
> methods. In your case, fetchmail combined with Postfix, Dovecot and
> having dovecot using a sieve script would make your life far easier.

I've looked at postfix but it seems to have big treble fish-hooks all over 
it.  Where does it fit in the 'chain of commands'?

Or is this as simple as changing the MTA line in .fetchmailrc to dovecot 
from procmail?

Interesting.  Procmail used to nuke 50-100 incoming spams etc a day.  But I 
just checked, mailfilter must be catching the huge majority of the crap, it 
only nuked 2 messages yesterday, so that loss is not doing to be that big a 
deal.  So that takes care of where fetchmail hands it off to.

The whole idea of removing as much of the fetching and filtering duties 
from kmail is because it goes to sleep when doing those things, so the user 
is frozen until it comes back from a mail run.   Effectively making a 
multi-threaded system out of single threaded kmail.  So I as the user 
sitting here, do not see, or feel, the other mail related background stuff 
at all.

Thanks Jerry.

Cheers, Gene
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