[Dovecot] attachments not with email causing FETCH BODY[] failed

Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.org
Sun Jul 21 17:12:43 EEST 2013


Anyone else experiencing this (Dovecot 2.2.4, attachments stored

dovecot: imap(user at kamdha.com): Error: file_istream.open(/home/
failed: No such file or directory
dovecot: imap(user at example.com): Error: read(BODY[]) failed: No such file
or directory (FETCH  for mailbox INBOX UID 42501)
dovecot: imap(user at example.com): Disconnected: FETCH failed in=186 out=86389

My dovecot.conf attachment related config is:

mail_attachment_dir = /home/%d/%n/attachments
mail_attachment_min_size = 128k
mail_attachment_fs = sis posix
mail_attachment_hash = %{sha1}

So, questions:

 - anyone else experiencing this?
 - how might this occurred?
 - what is the best way to find the corrupted message?
 - how should I go about fixing this?

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


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