[Dovecot] Managing IMAP IDLE/Push with Sieve – possible?

Steffen Kaiser skdovecot at smail.inf.fh-brs.de
Thu Jul 25 10:21:58 EEST 2013

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On Tue, 23 Jul 2013, FF wrote:

> Thanks, that's interesting -- two questions:
> 1) Why is it not possible? Just not implemented, or is there any technical 
> reason that actually prevents it from being implemented?

Because the current implementation of IDLE signals any message to the 
waiting client.

> 2) What do you mean by INBOX? Another, completely separate email account? 
> Yes, that would be my backup plan.

When your client IDLEs, it monitors just one particular mailbox, say 
INBOX, top.sub.sub2.box, or whatever. So, if you have your client IDLE 
(monitor) INBOX and have all senders delivered to yet another, newly 
created mailbox (mail folder, ..., _not_ another mail account), which is 
not monitored with IDLE, you get no PUSH for them. You have to pull them.


Did you've read Robert's answer about LEMONADE? Maybe ESEARCH and NOTIFY 
do what you want, because RFC5465 / sec 5.2:

" If a search context is in effect as specified in [RFC5267], an
    ESEARCH ADDTO will also be generated, if appropriate.  In this case,
    the EXISTS response MUST precede the ESEARCH response.  Both the
    NOTIFY command and the SEARCH and SORT commands (see Section 7) can
    specify attributes to be returned for new messages.  These attributes
    SHOULD be combined into a single FETCH response.  The server SHOULD
    avoid sending duplicate data.  The FETCH response(s) MUST follow any
    ESEARCH ADDTO responses."

You could flag "priority" senders in Sieve and let you notify for new 
messages with that flag. How well or if at all Dovecot supports this (and 
your client ;-) ), I don't know.

kind regards,

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>> On Mon, 22 Jul 2013, FF wrote:
>>> I've been using Dovecot with Sieve for a long time already, and I'm very 
>>> happy with it. Push is working fine too. I was wondering, however, whether 
>>> it would be possible to define a Sieve rule (perhaps using some plug-in), 
>>> such that an IMAP push message gets sent out only for specific senders 
>>> etc.?
>> I think you cannot.
>> But you could split your INBOX into senders with PUSH (that are
>> delivered to the INBOX) and others, that are delivered to INBOX2.
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