[Dovecot] dbus support in dovecot?

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Fri Jul 26 02:10:47 EEST 2013

On 7/25/2013 2:45 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:

> However, I would really like to start with some in depth docs, docs I am 
> not having a lot of luck finding.  But I am not, as you can see, too 
> bashful to go ask the source. ;)

The main problem you're facing right now is that you don't really yet
grasp what IMAP is all about.  In a nutshell, once you install Dovecot,
or any IMAP server, it becomes the single point of control and access to
all of your mail.  You install an IMAP MUA on each client PC, point
these at Dovecot, and you're basically done.  They can all be logged
into the same account simultaneously, and any new mail will show up in
the INBOX on all clients simultaneously, or nearly so.

You typically don't need to configure the clients other than telling
them where the server is and plugging in login credentials.  The rest is
pretty much automatic.  Any folders the user has access to should
display automatically without needing to manually subscribe.  At least
this is how it works with Thunderbird.

In other words, with an IMAP server, you simply ditch most of your old
way of doing things with your MUAs.  The only program that will
write/read your mail files will be the IMAP server, Dovecot in this
case.  All the clients must access mail through an IMAP connection.


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